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  • A Love Letter to MY Wellness Shot

  • My roommate frequently rants and raves about her love for wellness shots. If she so much as detects a sniffle, upset stomach or headache coming her way, she can be found guzzling down a Pressed Juice Wellness Shot. Now as I sit staring at her glowing baby bottom skin, she’s telling me about her latest wellness shot. Her Buddy shot. I’m listening.

    Now I’m not one of those fussy women that’s about the glam, but I am sucker for skin care. I routinely get facials and I take pride in taking care of my skin. Damnit, I want my skin to fucking glow like that. So enlighten me, what’s this Buddy Shot you speak of radiant glowing skin goddess? A smoothie, but it’s also a wellness shot.

    As someone who has studied nutrition, I wasn’t quick to hop on to the wellness shot or green juice train. A lot of people assume that juices are so great for you because it’s a liquid and all the nutrients will get into your body faster. This isn’t wrong, BUT just as quickly as they are able to get into your system, they are able to leave your system.

    I’m whole heartedly a smoothie girl. Smoothies hold all the fiber and nutrients from the fruits and veggies and linger in our systems allowing the body to soak up more nutrients.

    Buddy smoothie shots are the perfect wellness shot; quick, convenient, and packed with nutritional value. My base is Carrot + Ginger + Turmeric and my boosts are collagen + folic acid + iron + multivitamin + vitamin C + vitamin K2 + vitamin B12.

    While typical wellness shots on the market are very boost forward, think 2006 Beyoncé in “Dreamgirls” Master Cleanse – cold pressed lemon juice, cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar and turmeric tonic. All things that promote anti-inflammatory and boost immunity. These are all great things that aid digestion and help with gut health. Now while these are great things for the body, they are also temporary. Think about how quickly food can move through the system.

    What drew me to Buddy Nutrition was the bases. Blended bases that retain all that nutrition and fiber I mentioned in the beginning – nothing lost in the juicing process. This is a nutrient forward wellness shot. It has sustenance.

    Now, I’ve attempted to make wellness shots before, thanks to the Pinterest there a bunch of recipes and I tried this Lemon ginger turmeric wellness shot one, but nobody has time for that every morning. I know I don’t. BUT I wanna get those nutrients in!

    Even though Buddy is doing all the leg work for me, I kind of felt like I made this wellness shot for myself. There was a short questionnaire, were my base and suggested boost were chosen. Then I was able to add or adjust boosts, but I was quite happy with what was selected for me. Now, this is the best part. I check out and they were delivered right to my door step. I was able to make my own buddy shot and have it mailed to be without even having to put on pants. Now that’s my kind of wellness shot!

    Since diving into my box of Buddy shots, I have seen and felt the benefits. Guess who’s got glowing skin now. This girl! So to MY wellness shot I just want to thank you for my glowing skin, my happy and healthy gut and my increased energy. Thank you for banishing the bloat and the break outs. And thank you for catering to my needs – inside and out.

    Written by: Cecilia Marie Smith