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  • Achieve your Fitness Goals with Buddy Nutrition

  • Fitness. Goals. We all got em'! Yet, they come in so many different styles dependent on what you what kind of results you're aiming for. For some, fitness goals could mean taking a walk and eating one salad a day. For others, it could be to attend a 3-hour strength and conditioning workout with a personal trainer combined with the perfectly balanced fruit to vegetable ratio with high protein, low carb meals. Wherever on this scale you fall, Buddy Nutrition is the perfect team to partner with to help achieve your goals.

    Setting fitness goals begins with proper nutrition for the optimal long-term benefits. Buddy Nutrition has personalized Buddy Shots and Protein Powders that are designed specifically to your needs. Buddy Nutrition will design your blend using 17 different macro ingredients combinations from whey protein concentrates to virgin olive oil powder to sweet potato powder and 10 boosts that you can change out to tweak according to your needs and you get to choose between 7 different flavors. We also have Buddy Shots, that are personalized vitamins shots. These come in 1.6 billion combinations and after taking our  interactive quiz we will design one perfect combination for you.

    Our Buddy Shakes taste great and are packed with the perfect blend of macro ingredients that fit your needs based on your body type, lifestyle and health goals. We also cater to our paleo and vegan friends. Protein powders have a variety of benefits such as recovering exercise, managing weight, repairing muscle, bone, and skin. It helps you feel fuller longer while providing your body with essential macronutrients that your body may not get if you do not naturally consume a protein heavy diet. Some great proteins for building lean muscles and muscle gain are the egg white protein, whey protein isolate, and micellar casein. Gluten free proteins are egg white protein, rice protein concentrate, and hemp protein. Vegan options are the hemp and pea proteins.

    Proper nutrition is just the beginning to being fit. The next step is setting up a workout routine that fits within your lifestyle. This is where a personal trainer may be beneficial; someone to hold you accountable, help set goals, plan a workout routine that fits your goals, and even someone to workout with. It is important that you change up your exercise routine frequently. You don’t want to get bored and doing the same exercise routine day in and day out which could hinder successfully staying focused and achieving your goals. Trying different techniques like lifting weights, using resistance bands, working one day on cardio, next day on upper body strength, then one day on core strength training, a day of strength and conditioning, etc. Change in the routine is an ensured way to hit every part of the body and keep things interesting. For your post workout recovery, be sure to use Buddy Nutrition’s Whey Protein Concentrate Proteins.

    Lifting weights is one of the most beneficial workouts you can do when wanting to lose weight or build muscles. Resistance band exercises have great benefits – not only for effects of strength training but due to their portability and easy storage, they are perfect for home and hotel use when you can’t make it to the gym. The bands come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and strengths so you can build upon your workout as your strength builds. As with all new exercise routines, it is important to pick a plan, start slow, increase intensity slowly, have a buddy, hydrate with every workout, stretch before and after, and rest. When you are focusing on losing weight and building muscles, a great Buddy Shake blend may start with egg white protein, whey protein isolate, or micellar casein. These proteins are slow burning and long lasting. Drinking a Buddy Shake packed with micellar casein protein one hour before bedtime is a great way to keep your metabolism burning all night long because it contains 25g of time release protein per serving, which also makes it perfect for overnight muscle building.

    And, the best part of Buddy Nutrition, we can make all these different kinds of personalized blends in vegan, paleo, and endurance friendly formulas. Be sure to connect with a Buddy at Buddy Nutrition so you can get your personalized Buddy Shakes and Buddy Shots ordered today and get started on your way to a new healthy you!