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  • Are Personalized Nutrition Companies Selling Personalized Nutrition?

  • In the 80’s and 90’s the best way to supplement your nutrition was to go to the supplement store in the mall and have a bodybuilder in a tiny shirt recommend products for you. It turns out that they’re not that knowledgeable about nutrition and generally make recommendations based on the products that have the highest commission rates. It was one size fits all nutrition. For obvious reasons those stores are closing and that model is dying.

    Then in the 2000’s there was the internet. Endless options and total analysis paralysis. How on earth is someone supposed to pick from the over 100,000 options on amazon? How do you know which vitamins and supplements you need? Which brand do you choose? The questions seem endless.

    So vitamin and supplement e-commerce companies made product recommendation engines. You enter a little info about what you’re looking for a why and it spits out products that would help. For some people and some conditions this is a good option - but only if you happen to have a problem that they have a product for. The problem is, these companies want to sell you something. No matter what, the product recommendation engine will tell you that they have the perfect product for you, regardless of if it’s a good fit.  So the shopping experience is more personalized but the nutrition isn't personalized- no personalized nutrition here...

    Then came the “personalized nutrition” companies like Careof, Andrew Weil’s Vitamin Advisor, Persona Nutrition and many others. They do a good job of presenting the experience in a way that makes it feel like they’re creating the perfect solution for you, but it’s really just smoke and mirrors. They’re basically using the same product recommendation engines from the internet 1.0 days but instead of recommending that you buy 5 bottles of pills they repackage the pills from those 5 bottles into daily plastic bag packaging. But again, they’re forcing everyone into around 20 - 40 standard off the shelf pill options. So really, their innovation is repackaging pills into daily packs - but is it really that hard to open five bottles…? Slow clap 👏  Again, the shopping experience is more personalized, but the nutrition isn't. No personalized nutrition here either...

    So when will someone really deliver on the promise of personalized nutrition? Actually, it’s happening now for the first time ever. Buddy Nutrition uses robotic manufacturing technology that took many years and many millions of dollars to develop. It allows us to custom manufacture personalized wellness shots that replace all those vitamin and supplement pills.  So the days of opening five bottles of pills or opening a repackaged daily pack of pills are over. Now you can ditch the pills all together and drink a delicious personalized wellness shot that’s fortified with all of the vitamins, minerals, and herbs that you used to take in pill form. For years nutrition professionals have said that our bodies respond to food better than supplements and recommend more healthy eating and less pills. Now you can get your supplemental nutrition in a food form and ditch the pills. Every order is custom made to order with literally infinite combinations of ingredients. For the first time ever your nutrition truly is personalized, just for you!

    You’re unique. Your nutrition should be too! Take 3 minutes to chat with us and see what’s in your unique personalized wellness shot. Give Buddy a shot today!

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    If you have type 2 diabetes or another disease consult a doctor prior to consuming buddy shots.