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  • Buddy Approved: Brunch Edition

  • It’s the freakin’ weekend buds! And you know what that means; it is time to get your brunch on. You’ve taken your morning Buddy Shot, gotten a morning workout in, and now your body is ready for some fuel. If there’s one thing we know about here at Buddy it’s food, good food.

    Your body is thanking you for taking daily morning Buddy Shots and we don’t want to ruin it just because it’s the weekend. It’s time to incorporate those healthy habits into your weekend routine too! Here are some of our favorite healthy spots to get our brunch on. Food is fuel and these places are premium grade, buddy!

    Café Gratitude

    Image by @cafegratitude

    Café Gratitude serves up delicious vegan, gluten-free, and raw eats that will have even the most carnivorous carnivore coming back for more. We recommend the buckwheat pancakes with fresh berries and the Chilaquiles.

    The Butcher's Daughter

    Image by @gabbycitrone

    This self-proclaimed “vegetable slaughterhouse” graced us with its presence from NYC in 2016 and we’ve been shook ever since. The plant-based eatery will literally give your body life without a lick of guilt. Be sure to try a wellness latte and try adding CBD to help those muscle recover from your morning workout.

    Malibu Farm Café - On the Pier

    Image by @malibufarm

    Perched at the end of a pier looking out of the Pacific Ocean listening to the waves crash makes this brunch spot the perfect lazy Sunday spot. The farm-to-table staple has a killer breakfast burrito and fried egg sandwich – the lemon aioli seals the deal for us.

    True Food Kitchen

    Image by @true_food_kitchen

    Built on the philosophy that food should make you feel better, not worse (hmm, sound familiar?). True Food Kitchen slings carefully crafted dishes from the minds of accomplished chefs and a Doctor of Integrated Medicine that delicious and nutritious. Your body will be thanking you for this meal. We hope it’s the Ancient Grains bowl, but if not, we’ll let it slide. This time.

    Backyard Bowls

    Image by @backyardbowls

    We be bowlin’ on Backyard Bowls! This little spot specializes in, you guessed it, bowls. Specifically, acai, hot porridge, smoothie and grain bowls. Choose from a selection off the menu or create your own bowl. Be sure to try one of the extra add-ons – we suggest adding spirulina or bee pollen for some added nutrition.