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  • Buddy Nutrition Review by Zoe Greene

  • Finally. I get to review my Buddy Nutrition smoothie shots! If you follow me on Instagram (which I know you don’t, so just go ahead and give me a follow @kweenzo) then you know that for a little over a month now I have been trying out my own personalized wellness shots. I give all products a 30-day trial before forming an opinion on them. Please note that I am not a medical professional and these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. I first found Buddy because it had great reviews online. So I needed to give it a try for myself.

    In short, W O W. I am a Buddy fan, like really, really a fan. This is the most cost-effective nutrition supplement I’ve used consistently where I saw and felt significant changes to my body. For a little over a month, my skin and gut have been spoiled by Buddy Nutrition. The caveat? Nothing. The price point is very fair at a breakdown of $3/day, 30 days OR $2/a day for 60 days. I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely spent $3 on dumber things that add no value to my well-being.


    Buddy Nutrition is the latest addition to the wellness shot game. Your morning handful of vitamins and stressing over which supplements to buy are a thing of the past! Buddy Nutrition’s mission is to make navigating the vitamins and functional food world easier. They provide personalized wellness shots delivered straight to your doorstep. Users sign up for an account and complete a questionnaire that will select one of Buddy’s four bases and suggested boosts - a large variety of multivitamins, proteins, and healthy stimulants such as nootropics. Our bodies have the ability to heal and regenerate on their own; and with the help of the buds at Buddy Nutrition it’s easy and convenient. They work smarter so you don’t have to work harder. Winning!


    Buddy Nutrition has four bases: – Lemon + Blueberry + Beet, Carrot + Ginger + Turmeric, Berry-Berry + Banana, or Tropical Mango + Pineapple and 25 boosts. My base is Lemon + Blueberry + Beet with collagen + coq10 + iron + multivitamin + vitamin C + vitamin K2. I also got to try the Carrot + Ginger + Turmeric base with the same boosts. I chose these two as I prefer tartness and spice to sweet. You can add or swap out any the boosts if there is something that you’d like included.


    I’ve always a little skeptical about smoothies and wellness shots, because I don’t love fruit, I hate pulp and let’s be frank; things that are good for you do not always taste good. I really didn’t want to go all in and order something that would leave me disappointed. With that being said, if I’m impressed with a product (or unimpressed), I’m here to be honest with my review. The Buddy Shot is the best wellness shot I’ve ever had. Yeah buddy, I said it! The shots came to my house in Buddy box that said, “Hello Zoe, meet your daily wellness shot.” Cute, right? I dug right in and cracked open a shot for myself. I made the rookie mistake of not shaking it. These are all-natural wellness shots and unlike smoothies loaded with sugar, real fruits and veggies naturally settles. Make sure to give your Buddy shot a good shake before consuming. The consistency was slightly thick, creamy, and had just the right amount of flavor for me; almost as if it was made just for me. See what I did there? I drink my shot first thing in the morning, typically as form of pre-workout before I hit the gym. I’m no Ronnie Coleman, but it gives me just what I need to do some light weight lifting in the gym. I noticed that I have more energy and focus in my workouts.

    A few days into my first week of Buddy shots, I noticed a big change in my gut. No, I didn’t drop 10 pounds overnight, but I did have one happy gut. Ok gut health, I see you. This is little change made the world of a difference in my day to day. Two weeks in, my skin seemed to shift; it was more hydrated and had a silky-smooth plumpness to it that looked like I used the smoother in FaceTune. Come through Buddy Nutrition, COME THROUGH! 30 days later and it seemed like I had gained some youthfulness back to my body. Now, I am not old by any means, but post 25 I started to notice small changes in my body that we're not there before. I noticed my knees feeling less creaky, my skin looks and feels like a baby’s bum, and my gut is one happy camper.


    Buddy Nutrition Smoothie shots are available exclusively online.  The shots are available in a 30 and 60-day subscription that auto renews so you don’t have to worry about ordering on time. The 30-day pack is $3/shot, and the 60-day pack is just $2/shot; it’s a great bang for your buck.


    YEAH BUDDY it is! I have never inclined to review any wellness shot until Buddy Nutrition came along. I literally cannot shut up about it. Buddy Nutrition sets its self apart from the plethora of generic wellness shots on the shelves of your local grocer by taking your uniqueness and taste buds into consideration. To repeat what I mentioned earlier: it makes my skin look and feel so freaking good! It’s brighter, smoother and it just freakin glows. Your girl hit a major skin glow up with Buddy Nutrition Smoothie Shots. I’m officially a buddy and you should too!