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  • Custom Wellness Shot: Your Greatest Health Investment

  • WTF is a Buddy Shot?!

    We’re so excited that the word is spreading about our innovative custom wellness shot, also known as our Buddy Shot! But we’ve been receiving a lot of questions about it, and it seems like there’s still some confusion as to exactly what about the Buddy Shot makes it superior to all the other health supplements out on the market right now.

    Well, it’s actually quite simple really. Our Buddy Shot is a great source of vitamins and minerals first and foremost. I bet you’re saying to yourself right now “Okay, that’s great and everything, but I feel like a lot of companies say that about their supplements.” Very true, but what makes our Buddy Shot the absolute best in the industry is that it is made from naturally-sourced fruits and vegetables and fortified with your unique blend of vitamins and botanicals. In other words, we don’t synthetically produce them in a lab.

    What makes our custom wellness shot so great is the ability to customize it with our powerful boosts! Our boosts can do some pretty amazing things, such as alleviate the daily stresses of life, give you energy, and even improve your cognitive function! An example of this in action is L-Theanine. This is an amino acid that has just recently been discovered to have stress-relieving, or as scientists call it, “adaptogenic” properties.  You could even take this a step further and combine it with the boost of the well-known stimulant caffeine, and you’ll experience a smoother, more productive flow of energy with no hard crash!

    “So what are these health benefits?”, you ask. Well, let’s say you’re suffering from some joint pain and inflammation. Maybe you just endured a grueling workout, or perhaps you’re just getting older. Hey, it happens to all of us!  What many people don’t realize is that chronic inflammation (inflammation that lasts over a significant period of time) is responsible for many diseases, including heart disease and cancer. But if you utilize our fish oil, combined with our other bone and joint strengthening ingredients, like Vitamin D3, you have yourself a concoction that’s going to put up a great fight! And it has been proven to combat many of the aforementioned diseases! That’s absolutely amazing, given that it is very rare for a natural product like this to exhibit such dramatic effects on inflammatory-based diseases.

    Now of course, that’s just a glimpse of what our custom wellness shots can provide for you. And I really want you to pay attention to the word custom. That’s right. We custom make this for you. This is especially made with your specific needs and goals in mind. This isn’t some cookie-cutter supplement that’s made for the general population. It’s not a basic multivitamin that you can pick up at your local supplement store.

    You’re special. You’re not average. So you deserve something that’s as unique and special as you. That’s where our Buddy Shot comes in.

    So hop on board. Create a custom juice pack of all the flavors that you want included in your Buddy Shot! We have tons to choose from. Plus, you can add or remove quantities of any of the vitamins and minerals that you’re looking for. Need stress relief? We got you covered. Looking for a supplement to help you focus after that lunch break? No worries, Buddy Nutrition will handle it.

    So spend your time working on building your best life, not on worrying about your nutrition. Leave that work to us. Try some great tasting flavors, feel amazing, and save time for the things in your life that matter. What’s not to love?