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  • For me, it’s Personalized Protein or Nothing.

  • If you’re busy like me, you already know that very few hacks help add minutes to your day. And, if you’re busy like me, you can’t afford to have a nutritionally off day. What does help is knowing I have my personalized protein from Buddy. It’s one less thing I have to think about because Buddy already thought of everything.

    Protein is the foundation of a healthy diet; it keeps your digestion and recovery process at 100. If you want to start losing weight, protein can help you feel fuller longer. With Buddy, I start each day knowing I’ve done something super crucial for my health and fitness goals. The key benefits of protein support your nutritional goals and are well known; but if you aren’t getting something tailored to your lifestyle, you’re missing out.

    How Do You Get the Perfect Personalized Protein?

    With Buddy, getting my individualized formula for the perfect protein powder for my body, habits, and goals was simple. I chatted with someone who quickly became my Buddy, and they mixed up the perfect elixir, which is no easy task for me. Did I mention I’m allergic to everything? Because I am. The beautiful thing is, with Buddy’s custom nutrition blends, it doesn’t matter—I can get my personalized protein fix, delivered straight to my door, minus any of the foods that I cannot have. For example, I don’t eat dairy or whey protein-based products.

    During my chat with Buddy about personalized protein powder, I was asked about everything from my exercise routine and weight loss goals to my experience with supplements. We chatted about my reasons for upping my personalized protein intake and my dietary restrictions. Whether your goal is weight loss, building muscle, or to maintain lean muscle mass, Buddy can give you what you need.

    The best thing is, even if you’re already taking another multivitamin, they can still build you the best darn personalized protein you can find. Sometimes I’m very active, and sometimes I’m tied to my desk. Buddy can work with that.

    So, Just How Easy Is It?

    It’s super simple; I mix the protein powder with water, drink it, and I’m done. This personalized protein isn’t some awful-tasting, plain, unsweetened formula; it is delicious. You get to choose from flavors like French vanilla, café mocha, or chocolate fudge! The formula can be added to milk or a milk substitute, a chocolate shake or stirred into a cup of tea—if that’s your cup of tea. It’s a lot more delicious and protein-packed than your everyday breakfast of cereal, yogurt, or oatmeal.

    Sure, you could try something kind of old school, like the Herbalife Formula 1 shake. But I sure hope you like dairy and soy, and a whole lot of it. For me, that’s not an option.

    What Does Buddy Recommend?

    I told Buddy I needed to build lean muscle mass and that I wanted weight management support, and Buddy said, “can do!”

    Let’s just say when I saw what Buddy had in store for me, it was love at first sight. Right off the bat was vegan protein in spades and some probiotics, which truly are my gut’s best buddy. They recommended collagen to make my skin glow and a multivitamin. Buddy understands that some days, my diet is on point, and other days, it’s not. But every day, I can rely on Buddy’s personalized protein to fit my nutritional needs in a way that supports me as an individual. It’s so lovely to have a friend you can rely on.

    Written by: Angela Kempf