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  • Have it Your Way: From Custom Vitamins to Custom Everything Else

  • Here at Buddy, we don’t just love custom vitamins and wellness shots, we love custom everything. Below are some of our favorite products that prove we're already living in the future.

    Om-g: Adaptable Meditation Is Here

    You can tailor your meditation to your mental health. With apps like Meditable, you can choose your goals, pick relaxation techniques like breathing or visualization, add silence, and choose music. Those features mean you can really up your meditation game.

    Preferences Are Knot a Problem With a Custom Massage

    Check out Squeeze, the best new spot for massages in California. You can customize your preferences online – everything from what type of pressure you want, the scent of the massage oil, lighting, and room temperature. Neat! You pay with an app, so when you’re all done, you drift out the door in a relaxed haze without waiting in line.

    Let’s Get Personal, Personal

    Training apps like Trainiac can help you create custom workouts with feedback from personal trainers. So, whether you like to go to the gym or work out at home, use equipment (or don’t), prefer encouraging or challenging trainers, they’ve got you covered. And no matter what your goals are or what your starting point is, you can find the workout that’s right for you. This app would pair well with some custom vitamins, right?

    Set the Stage Just Right

    Movie theaters are joining the customizable movement, too. Many theaters like Cinepolis and the Alamo Drafthouse include reclining seats that you can reserve in advance (no more accidentally ending up in the front row and joining your old pal, neck cramp!), chef-driven dinners with keto, gluten-free, and vegan options that are delivered right to your seat, and cinema-themed cocktails.

    Made-for-You Mattresses

    Even mattresses can adapt to your lifestyle. Take the smart bedding solutions by Eight, for example. They are temperature controlled, connect to smart home devices like Alexa (so you could have it brew coffee when you wake up in the morning), track your sleep fitness, and wake you up alarm-free. Plus, it features technology that learns the temperature that helps you reach your deepest sleep.

    Custom Vitamins: The Latest in “New”trition

    You might have guessed this was coming – and it’s coming right to your door. When you use Buddy, our personalized vitamins come in a cute little vitamin pack, giving you the custom vitamins and minerals you need so that you can keep it 100. Take the quiz, get to know Buddy custom vitamins, and before you know it, your nutrition goals will become nutrition gains.

    (These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)