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  • How to Choose a Protein Blend: Buddy Nutrition vs. Gainful

  • With protein powders being a multi-million dollar industry, there are hundreds of companies you can choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. In this article we will compare two brands: Buddy Nutrition and Gainful. Both brands have something unique to offer when it comes to protein: personalization.

    After chatting with your Buddy over at Buddy Nutrition, they will design your blend using a combination of 17 macro ingredients from whey protein to avocado oil powder to oat starch, recommend up to 4 of their 10 supplemental boosts based on your health needs AND you get to choose between 7 different flavors. Buddy Nutrition also has Buddy Shots, personalized vitamins shots, that come in 1.6 billion combinations and after taking their interactive quiz, they'll narrow down one perfect combination for you.

    Buddy Nutrition is a company that recognizes that everyone is unique and it’s important that each person has a custom blend that fits their individual needs. The Buddy Nutrition Protein Powder, or Buddy Shakes are tasty and packed with the perfect blend of macro ingredients that suits your needs based on your body type, lifestyle and health goals. Buddy Nutrition also caters to our paleo and vegan friends with alternative ingredients such as Grass-Fed Beef Protein Isolate for paleo diets and Oat Starch for vegan diets. Buddy Nutrition also offers free shipping. They have two options – a 15 serving option which is $29.95/$1.99 per serving or a 30 serving option which is $49.95/$1.69 per serving. The best part about Buddy Nutrition is that it is simple and user friendly, perfect for the newcomer to the protein shake work. You have a Buddy to answer any questions you may have. Buddy Nutrition has all ingredients and their uses listed on their website so you can have knowledge of the blend recommended to you.

    Gainful has a similar customization concept. They will send you a protein blend based on your answers to a quiz and you will choose from the 6 flavor sticks choices to add to the blend for the flavor you want to drink each morning, giving you the power to choose a different flavor for every scoop of personalized protein. The downside to Gainful is that it may take 2-3 flavor sticks to get the pleasing taste which means more money. They offer free shipping and each bag of protein has 28 servings and is approximately $1.78 per serving at $49.00 a bag. Their protein powders are gluten free however they are not made in a certified gluten-free facility. Customers have access to a personal Registered Dietician. Gainful’s website does not have all the different ingredients listed on their website, which can be frustrating when trying to have some control over your blend.

    Both companies offer a variety of protein concentrates which offer great meal replacements. The following are Buddy Nutrition’s proteins as they list them on their website: Grass-Fed Beef Protein Isolate (great for paleo or low sugar diet as it is completely sugar and fat free and sourced from hormone and antibiotic free grass-fed cattle), Hemp Protein (nutty flavor packed with protein and fiber which makes for a vegan-friendly meal replacement ingredient), Micellar Casein (contains 25g of time release protein per serving, slow absorption rate which makes for the perfect overnight muscle building shake), Pea Protein Isolate (vegan and non-GMO yellow peas for a complete plant based protein), Rice Protein Concentrate (dairy free, gluten-free, soy-free, easy to digest, tastes great, and great for building muscle), Whey Protein Concentrate (tasty and easy to digest, great for muscle building, post-workout recovery, feel full and satisfied), Whey Protein Isolate Cold-Filtration (filtered to remove everything but the protein, ultra-low fat, low lactose, great for building lean muscle), Whole Egg Protein (Paleo friendly, excellent meal replacement because it contains the broad nutritional value of both the whites and yolks of an egg), Egg White Protein (fat free Paleo friendly source of protein that supports muscle growth during and after workout. Soy and gluten-free).

    Buddy Nutrition is the complete package with full transparency on their website. With the Buddy Shots and Buddy Shakes, you the customer, have the complete control over your blends. Even after chatting with your personal Buddy, if you feel the need to tweak or change your blend, you can make those changes and because of the information provided on their website, you know exactly what the ingredients are and their purpose. Buddy Nutrition truly personalizes their products to fit your individual needs.