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  • One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Personalized Vitamins and Buddy Nutrition

  • These days our feeds and inboxes are constantly flooded with new information; the latest fad diet, new super foods, and an endless supply of supplements and vitamins. It’s hard to figure out what’s what. You’ve come to terms with taking back the health wheel of your life, now what?  Do you go with the classic horse-size chalky pills you watched your grandparents take as a kid? Do you try the gummies in the well-designed packaging that you saw on Refinery29? Do you need more than one? How many should I take? How often should I take them? Which ones do you need?

    Trust that you are not alone in that overwhelming moment of panic and annoyance in the health aisle of the store. A lot of trial and error will leave you short a few hundred dollars and extremely frustrated.

    Now what? Say it with me folks, “PERSONALIZATION”. Before you freak, no, it’s not too expensive or a waste of money. Remember you just wasted a few hundred dollars on those bottles of vitamins in the store. Feel free to chuck all those bottles of supplements and pills you haven’t thought to take in the last few weeks (months for some of you) in the trash.

    So, you’ve decided to go the personalized route. But there are so many brands out there, which one do you choose? BUDDY! Buddy Nutrition offers personalized smoothie shots. It’s a much better bang for your buck than a junky handful of pills you have to remember to take & the vitamins are mixed with a tasty base so that you avoid the stomach pains and nausea you get from taking your pills without eating. Win-win!

    Why Buddy? Buddy asks questions – they don’t assume that you and your BFF Stacy are two of kind and need the same thing. A short but informative questionnaire allows the team to suggest a selection of boosts that your body actually needs. These suggestions are based on what your body isn’t getting from your diet. Regardless of how healthy your diet is, you can’t get 100% of everything that you need from food. In addition to what your body needs you can do additional add-ons, these are the supplements that give you the glowing skin you’ve been trying to achieve, stronger nails or more energy.

    With the smoothie shot, Buddy Nutrition has created a one stop shop, personalized vitamin and supplement answer to all of your vitamin confusion woes.

    Not only is Buddy tasty and covers all of your personal nutrition needs, it won’t break the bank or leave you scratching your head in the aisle at GNC.

    I don’t know about you, but I that’s a pretty damn good deal. No fuss, no mess, and some else does the dirty work for you - no research or prep work required on your end. On top of that they delivery it right to your door step. Winning.