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  • Personalized Nutrition for a Yoga Instructor and Health Coach

  • This is me: Ashlen Weddington

    As a yoga instructor and health coach, healthy eating and physical activity are of utmost importance to me. I live in the United States; seeing the ever-increasing spike of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer has a profound effect on me. The study on nutrition genomics has further pushed the idea of how important of food choices are because overtime, these choices affect our DNA. Because of this epidemic, the last few years I have dedicated my time to gaining knowledge on nutrition theories, holistic approaches to wellness, and stress management.

    For my health coaching practice, I offer all nutritional advising on sliding scale so everyone has open access to living a healthy lifestyle. Our current healthcare system is in complete disarray, and it is inadequate for preventing chronic diseases. Doctors who complete medical school only go through about a few hours of nutrition education, so many are unprepared to offer nutrition recommendations to patients. This is where I come in, as a yoga instructor and health coach, to offer solutions for preventative health care.

    A concept I apply to both yoga instruction and health coaching is there is no "one size fits all" approach. Certain yoga poses feel great for one person, while it may trigger pain and unwanted emotions in another person. When it comes to food, all bodies respond differently to certain eating patterns and nutritional approaches. I have learned to never assume what works best for one person's body. Personalized nutrition, analyzing the genes of individual with nutrition, can be one of the best ways to create a tailored diet to optimize your health.

    With nutrition clients, it is so important to ask a comprehensive collection of questions about their lifestyle to understand them as an individual. I encourage individuals to practice intuitive eating by tapping in to feel out what their body needs to nourish itself. When offering dietary advice, I recommend my clients try to avoid buying into dieting trends, and rather listen to evidence based research studies. By combining intuitive eating and nutritional science, we are able to produce a tailored diet for the client.

    I myself follow a whole foods, plant-based diet, and have been for the past 5 years. This nutrition approach works really well for my body and has helped me eliminate brain fog and gastrointestinal issues. Despite the health benefits of eating a diet rich in fruits, veggies, and whole grains, there are certain vitamins and minerals that are lacking when you avoid animal based products. Luckily for me, I am able to supplement these vitamins and minerals with a flavorful, personalized nutrition shot from Buddy Nutrition.

    Running around to different yoga studios and working on different nutrition projects, I am constantly moving about. I don't have the memory or motivation to remember to pop a handful of vital vitamins into my mouth. Being able to consume a Buddy Nutrition with my favorite flavors has been a game changer in my wellness routine.

    My customized pouch base is lemon, blueberry, and beet, and has a touch of nootropics to wake up my brain on a sluggish morning. I no longer need to worry about getting iron, B12, and K2; these are all included in the pouch. On occasion I will get a random pounding migraine (even when I drink plenty of water!), so my custom pouch has even incorporated magnesium. The Buddy Nutrition shots are a no brainer to ensure you’re getting in all your vitamins and minerals, no matter what diet you practice.

    Optimizing your health with tailored nutrition doesn’t need to be hard. There will be trial periods of testing out certain eating patterns or diets to feel out what works out for your body. Listen to what your body says, not what the diet trends tell you to do!

    As a health coach, I recommend always sticking to a diet that consists of mostly whole foods. The more a food resembles its’ original state, the more likely it is to be healthy and nutrient dense. There is no need to buy that $45 jar of adaptogens, or eating out at the most expensive health food restaurant in town. Sticking to whole foods, being on top of your vitamin/mineral intake, and practicing intuitive eating are some of the first steps to feel best in your body!

    Written by: Ashlen Weddington, Yoga Instructor and Health Coach