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  • Replace your Energy Supplement with a Personalized Buddy Shot

  • Life Hacks: Conquering Caffeine

    Maintaining energy throughout the day can be tough – mainly because we’re living in a world where we’re expected to be constantly connected. Social media is always buzzing, there’s always something to binge watch, or emails to respond to, making it increasingly difficult to get a good night’s rest. Chances are your circadian rhythm is completely out of whack. But we’ll talk to you about your melatonin levels and how to fix that later. Right now, we’re going to help you get that boost of energy you need to get through the day.

    Judging from the ridiculous rise in profit at Starbucks or the fact that Dunkin has been selling so many cups of coffee that they’ve dropped ‘donuts’ from their name altogether must mean that you guys are constantly on the lookout for caffeine. We’ve all been there. That delightful boost to keep us from functioning like complete zombies throughout the day. If coffee isn’t the only way for people to get their caffeine fix either. Energy drinks provide that same quick boost as coffee in a completely different flavor profile. You’re not alone as over 90% of Americans utilize caffeine on a daily basis clocking in an average consumption of over 200 milligrams a day. Did you know that caffeine is technically the most commonly used drug in the world? Well, it is. Caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant which is why millions upon millions of people around the world actually need caffeine to function.

    Like we said before, we know the benefits and the drawbacks of caffeine. Overindulgence in anything can lead to problems, caffeine included. Really quickly, we’re going to run through some of the benefits of having caffeine as a regular part of your diet.

    Helps you stay alert – while not a good substitute for sleep (seriously, at least try to get 7 hours every night) a 75-milligram serving of caffeine can provide a needed increase in your ability to focus. Caffeine is generally great for reducing fatigue which contributed to your lack of focus.

    Weight Loss caffeine has a natural ability to curb your appetite making you less hungry throughout the day causing you to eat less. Though things like coffees and teas should not be used solely as meal replacements. Working out and healthy balanced diets are required for sustained weight loss.

    Boosts Memory – studies have shown that ingesting 200 mg of caffeine can help boost memory and increase general mental performance. Because of this, it can help stave off Alzheimer’s.

    Helps fight off disease – steady caffeine intake has been linked in studies to reduce the chances of getting Type 2-Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cataracts, Parkinson’s, Chronic Kidney Disease, and various forms of Cancer.

    Reduces the chance of stroke – people with caffeine infused diets are less likely to have strokes than people who do not have caffeine in their diets.

    With the benefits also come the drawbacks. Here are a few risks involved with overindulgence in caffeine consumption.

    Headaches – one of the most common issues with over-consuming caffeine. Your body begins to crave caffeine and when it doesn’t have it, it begins to cause headaches due to the withdrawal. Which is probably why a lot of people are cranky before they have their morning coffee.

    Issues with pregnancy – ingesting too much caffeine (more than 300-mg a day) can be detrimental for pregnant women and can lead to abnormal fetal heart rhythm, delayed fetal growth, or loss of pregnancy.

    Digestive concerns – because caffeine increases the amount of acid your stomach produces it can cause common issues like nausea or heartburn. Caffeine can be especially dangerous for people who suffer from ulcers and/or acid reflux. It is suggested that you consult a doctor before regularly consuming caffeine.

    Circulatory concerns – caffeine makes your blood pressure escalate within an hour or two of consumption, which boosts adrenaline and can block the hormones that widens your arteries. This can cause rapid heartbeats and/or breathing problems.

    Insomnia – consuming too much caffeine hours before going to bed can cause a number of issues with your sleeping patterns or result in loss of sleep altogether. Avoid heavily caffeinated foods and drinks six hours before turning in for the night.

    Sugar intake – while not directly connected to sugar, many ways that you may be consuming caffeine is masked within products that have high amounts of sugar. Things like sodas and energy drinks for example will take you far beyond what’s recommended for your daily sugar intake levels. Even coffee and tea can be dangerous if you overuse sweeteners like creamers and straight sugar.

    Other issues that arise when having too much caffeine in your diet are jittery behavior, irritability, dehydration, and diarrhea. Believe it or not, you can overdose on caffeine. While it is insanely difficult to do, it is possible. Anything over 400mg in daily consumption is considered dangerous. Like we said, everything is best in moderation.

    Now all of that caffeine knowledge brings us back to a point. How Buddy Nutrition can help you get that added boost of energy you need to make it without biting people’s heads off. We’re going to do it the way we always do… with energy supplements. These energy supplements are more easily regulated than coffee, energy drink, or even tea consumption. We’ve been able to safely measure out the right amounts of caffeine needed to give you that boost you’re looking for without going overboard. Remember what we said about overindulgence and what it can lead to? Yeah, we don’t want that for you. What we do want is for you to thrive and function without the headaches and other health concerns that may come with too much caffeine intake.

    Before we really took into consideration how people need caffeine to function, we were only offering one caffeinated solution with your Buddy Shot. The Nootropics blend is a completely natural energy supplement that offers you the chance to boost your focus, memory, and cognitive functions through rich vitamins and nutrients… Plus it's really fun to say. Nootropics. That aside, we quickly realized that we weren’t doing enough. Our stance is always why do a little when you can do the most? That being said, we’re going to start offering up that sweet (much needed) energy boost as an addable option to all of our Buddy shots. When creating your perfectly tailored Buddy shot, you will now have the choice of adding up to 200mg of caffeine to really get you going in the morning.

    We get it, we know what the people want. How can you get up and get healthy if you don’t even have the energy to drag yourself out of bed in the morning? Now there’s no more excuses because that dose of natural caffeine is just what you need to tackle the day. Our caffeine blends focus on making sure you get a good amount of vitamin B12, rhodiola rosea, and coenzyme q10 which raises your energy levels while helping to fight off infection and inflammation in a natural way. No additives will be coming from us.

    Plus, with us sticking to that 200mg mark we’ve got you set up for optimal performance – which means you can skip the sugary overpriced coffee and the incredibly processed energy drinks. Grab an apple instead and seize the day.