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  • Seven Fitness Motivation Tips to Get You Moving

  • Here’s a challenge: Name one thing that’s harder than convincing yourself to get up and workout when it’s the absolute last thing you want to do. Having a hard time finding the answer? You’re probably not the only one.

    Trying to find the motivation to be active can seem like an impossible task when you’re not in the mood — but it doesn’t have to be that way if you have the right strategy. Jumping into a fitness regimen with a few tricks up your sleeve can make going the distance way easier. Here are seven ideas for how to get you moving when you don’t feel motivated.

    1. Have Clear Goals

    It’s one thing to say you want to lose or gain weight but if you don't have a game plan, that’s a surefire way to run into issues. In order to ensure the best results, you’ll have to get specific. Write down your goals: how many times per week you want to be active, how long you want each session to be and what types of workouts you like to do. Once you have an idea of your fitness goals you can move forward with confidence.

    2. Personalize Your Workout Plan

    Even if you have the best intentions, you won’t see the results you are looking for until you make a solid plan that fits your personality. Finding activities that you enjoy will make it easier for you to be consistent because you won’t be filled with a sense of dread before the time comes to get moving. Take your interests, hobbies and lifestyle into account and look for workouts that make sense for you instead of forcing yourself to do things you’re not really into.

    3. Keep Your Fitness Promises

    If you tell yourself that you are going to head straight to the gym after work, then keep your word and jump straight into your workout after work. If you reserved a spot to attend boot camp at 6 a.m. on Saturday while you were feeling oddly enthusiastic earlier in the week, then set your alarm to make sure you’re out there bright and early. Keeping your fitness promises allows you to start and maintain momentum that will show up as results. Try writing down a realistic schedule you can stick to and don’t waiver unless you’re sick or it’s an emergency.

    4. Track Your Progress

    From the very first day that you lace up for a jog or lay down the mat for a yoga session, you should keep track of your workouts. Whether that’s counting reps or steps, seeing where you began is a good way to stay encouraged on days when you feel completely unmotivated. Using this strategy is also a good way to make sure you’re not taking it too easy on yourself by staying at the same athletic level for too long.

    5. Mix it Up

    Nothing will make you feel burned out like an old, stale routine with no variety. Although there is some merit to sticking to a tried-and-true routine, if you find that you’re bored with your workouts then it’s time to switch it up. It doesn’t have to be drastic to be effective — just different. Try running a new trail, reaching for a heavier weight or attempting a new yoga position you haven’t tried before just to add some new energy to your regular practice.

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    7. Embrace the Journey

    Lastly, get ready to enjoy the ride. Committing to fitness is a lifelong journey that will have its ups and downs. Don’t expect perfection but also don’t let yourself off the hook. You should definitely challenge yourself, make steady progress and hold yourself accountable for the goals you set. But you should also celebrate that extra rep, give your body time to change and be proud of yourself for taking the steps towards better fitness.

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