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  • The Best Wellness Shot, Advised by Brilliant Minds

  • Meet the Buddy experts: Dr Miles Nichols

    Whether you’re a nutrition obsessive or novice, at Buddy Nutrition we’re on a mission to keep you at the top of your game every day with our personalized Buddy Shots, fortified with vitamins. Wondering how we’ve developed the perfect formula? We’ve teamed up with nutrition and medical experts to ensure we are on hand to help with whatever nutrition needs you may have. We got to know you, now we want you to meet them.

    Meet Dr Miles Nichols, a mindfulness expert devoted to a unique medical approach that acknowledges the importance of addressing both the body and the mind in relation to illness and prevention.

    ‘I am deeply inspired by offering treatments and educational materials that teach people to transform their lives'.

    How did you get into medicine?

    When I was 15 years old, my father passed on unexpectedly from a heart attack. This shock and my experience around his death caused me to become very curious about health and psychology. Though my father had medical training from Stanford, and a Masters in Public Health from Yale, he died without any warning at the age of 64. I became completely devoted at this time to learning about preventative healthcare, nutrition, and mindfulness practices as ways to cope with my loss. This lead me to make sure that I do everything I can to help myself and others to live long, healthy, happy lives.

    What’s your goal?

    My primary goal when working with people is to empower clients with practical action-steps in relation to nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, and mindfulness.

    Why functional medicine?

    Americans today are dealing with a chronic disease epidemic. This has been getting worse for the past few decades despite advances in technology, new developments in pharmaceutical drugs and increased accessibility to information and education. The conventional medical model has worked great for acute disease, but chronic illness is not being addressed effectively. Instead, the current medical paradigm is failing miserably at reversing the chronic disease epidemic. Functional medicine is an emerging field that focuses on the root causes of medical conditions. By identifying the reasons why people experience symptoms, functional medicine practitioners are able to focus treatments on resolving the root causes once and for all. A skilled functional medicine doctor can see patterns in metabolism, hormones, gut function, and more. This allows for a customized supplement prescription together with nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, and stress-management practices. Once root causes are reversed, symptoms resolve without the need for ongoing drugs.

    Why should we supplement?

    Dietary supplements are so important for good health as in our modern lives we do not get adequate nutrition from the food we eat, this means we can have vitamin and mineral deficiencies that need to be supplemented. There are so many causes for these deficiencies including poor diet, chronic stress, gut health and wide use of medications. This can cause so many medical conditions including fatigue, reduced ability to fight infections, impaired concentration, memory issues, depression, anxiety and other problems.

    Why Buddy?

    Because supplementation works so much better when individualized. Buddy Nutrition offers an amazing service of personalized vitamins that can customize supplements to you and your life. By answering a few questions, the formulation of vitamins and minerals and herbs can be much more likely to be helpful and produce noticeable benefit.

    Also, many people become frustrated with opening 5-10 different bottles every day to take their dietary supplements. Sometimes that makes the difference between people choosing to take supplements or letting the practice fade away. For this reason packaging a supplement mix into a single-serve Buddy Shot that also happens to taste good is a huge benefit for people to be able to make a habit that they can stick to.

    What’s your favorite supplement to add to your Buddy Shot?

    There are so many amazing supplements and many of them are good for some people and not great for others. That being said, there are a few supplements that seem to be very helpful almost universally (at least in today’s world). If I had to choose a personal favorite supplement, I would add probiotics to my Buddy Shot. Probiotics are great especially if you don’t eat fermented foods daily like sauerkraut, kimchi, kvass, plain unsweetened yogurt or kefir they can be really beneficial. If I need an energy boost I’d also add NAC, ALA, Carnitine and COq10, as mitochondrial support with these supplements can be very helpful.

    Number one wellness tip?

    Meditate every day. Meditation has been researched to improve focus and concentration, decrease anxiety and depression, improve immunity, decrease heart disease risk, reduce chronic pain, and more. It is free to do and benefits can be significant from as little as 10 minutes per day.

    Tell us your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?

    When not working, I love to meditate, hike, play music, attend conferences, spend time with friends, and go on retreats. Meditation retreats are one of the most powerfully transformative activities that I have found for helping me to continually evolve my health and emotional wellbeing.

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    Dr. Miles Nichols