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  • The Buds of Buddy, and Their Favorite Boosts

  • As you might have imagined, we’re a pretty tight-knit group here at Buddy. You might say we’re buds, but we prefer to call ourselves the Buds of Buddy. And what brought us together, you ask? Our shared love of customized nutrition products that are delivered right to our doorstep, of course. But that’s what we have in common. Where we differ is in which ingredients, we get the most out of, because that depends on our individual lifestyles. So, below, the buds of Buddy reveal our favorite boosts.

    Dan, Bud in Chief (President)

    Nootropics are Dan’s whole deal. They basically bend over backward for your brain—improving cognition, focus, and memory. If you couldn’t remember what nootropics were, exactly, then you probably need some in your life.

    Will, VP of Budperations

    Will claims Vegan Omega 3 as his very own. It’s super important for anyone who doesn’t eat enough fish. I’m looking at you, my Midwestern buds. The things Vegan Omega 3’s do are pretty crucial, too, like improve mental acuity, cardiac well-being, and joint health.

    Kevin, Head Bud in Charge of Product

    Kevin likes Vitamin C the best. Why? It’s classic. It’s always in style. Vitamin C is the new black, the old black, and it looks good on everyone. Vitamin C makes sure you can still perform your job during the flu season, which is something everyone can get behind.

    Mitch, Operations Bud

    Mitch is the champion of B12. B12 is a pretty serious boost, and vital responsibilities—like preventing nerve damage—ride on its shoulders. Any of my vegetarian buds need to make sure they’ve got B12 in their daily routine for optimum health since most vegetarians and vegans don’t get enough.

    Erica, Bud of Content & Social Marketing

    Buddy’s famed Adaptogen, Rhodiola, not only manages stress and helps you stay alert, but it also can improve athletic performance. Rhodiola 2020! (Erica approves this message.)

    Matt, VP of Budgineering

    Matt adores caffeine because it can mean the difference between having a productive meeting and a meeting where the main goal is to stay awake. And with the Buddy wellness shots, you can add a little extra caffeine (or a lot!) to your day, if you need it.

    But wait, there’s more! Like, a bunch more. Nineteen more boosts, if we’re getting technical. And if there’s a boost that’s lacking in your diet, you can be sure we’ll get it into your daily wellness shot. Vitamin A, for instance, helps your night vision, which is basically a superpower. Folic acid is a must for anyone thinking of having a baby in the semi-near future. The list goes on, so check them out. Chances are, if you have a health goal, we have a way to help support it.

    Once you’ve signed up to get Buddy wellness shots delivered to your door, let us know which boost is your favorite! Or, in the meantime, follow us on Instagram so you can keep tabs on the buds of Buddy. We’re always up to something exciting.