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  • Top 10 Reasons Buddy Wellness Shots Are Better Than Vitamins

  • Nutrition comes in all shapes and sizes. And over the years, nutrition has fallen prey to gimmicks, fads, and even—shudder—extremism. Sometimes it can be hard to know which health concepts will stand the test of time and which vitamins can help you reach your health goals sustainably. That’s where Buddy comes in. Custom vitamins are better than vitamins, and we have ten reasons you’re going to want to try them.

    #1: No More Pills

    Bid your pills a fond farewell if you’d like, but honestly, are you going to miss them at all? It’s not that they’re bad; it’s just that they’re not made for you—at least not specifically for you. You might say they’re a little old fashioned. And to imitate the nutritional value of Buddy, you might have to swallow enough dietary supplements to consider it a hobby.

    Teams of well-credentialed researchers have spent time and money using clinical trials to search for methods to make pill-swallowing easier because it’s such a widespread nuisance. An all-in-one juice pack made specifically for you? No forceful swallowing, no choking, no off-putting chalky aftertaste, no lumps in your throat because it went down funny. Bonus: you can skip all the extra sugar in those adult gummy vitamins. That’s a serious upgrade, and it’s seriously better than vitamins.

    #2: All-in-One Wellness Shots Include Everything You Need…

    A daily supplement is made for someone who is sticking to a 2,000 calorie diet and who is also a certain height and weight, based on some sort of average figured out a long time ago by a scientist who has never met you. So, to those in the supplement-taking camp: how do you know you’re getting enough—but not too much—of each vitamin based on your typical diet, lifestyle, size, and nutritional goals? The answer requires a calculator, a scale, and probably some vitamin slicing; that’s not a fun way to spend your morning.

    #3: …And Nothing You Don’t

    If you get plenty of protein in your everyday diet, then you wouldn’t go out and purchase a protein supplement. And with other supplements, the stakes are even higher. If you’re getting enough of certain vitamins by eating a healthy diet, you really don’t need to supplement those specific vitamins. Do you get your folic acid, liver oil, omega-3 fatty acid, and calcium from supplements or from nutrients from food? This is a crucial consideration. You may be taking more of some of the vitamins and minerals than you need if you’re on the generic multi.

    Taking Buddy wellness shots means you’re in total control of what you ingest. You won’t find anything you don’t need inside these babies.

    #4: Custom Vitamins Are Better Than Vitamins

    Go ask your daily multi what kind of dietary guidelines you’re currently into; all you’re going to hear is silence. But, your buddy would know. Buddy has personalization options for keto, paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, whole 30, and more. We take the healthy foods you’re already eating into consideration. Plus, sometimes older adults have different nutritional needs than younger adults. Chronic diseases and conditions such as heart disease and high blood pressure that often crop up in people age 50 and over can also affect your nutritional needs.

    #5: Save Yourself Some Time

    You don’t have to do hours of online research unless that’s your thing. We’re here to tell you there are a lot of vitamins and supplements out there vying for your business, and sifting through those to find The One—your nutritional soul mate—is time-consuming. That’s why Buddy has already done all that research for you. We research your lifestyle and your habits, find out what you’re missing in your nutrient intake, discover which nutrient-dense foods and fortified foods you’re already incorporating into your diet, listen to what your goals are, and mix up the perfect concoction for you. We’re like your favorite bartender, but for your wellbeing.

    #6: Save Yourself Some Money

    Do you know how many pills you’d have to buy at your local pill store to replicate what you’re getting with Buddy? We’d have to check our notes, but the number is somewhere around a gazillion. Those costs really add up quickly! With Buddy, absolutely everything you need is mixed in one pack.

    #7: Convenience Is Essential

    These wellness shots come straight to your door, like an old friend. It’s effortless, and it’s definitely better than vitamins. Do you really want to put on pants and go to the store? Plus, you can throw a pack in your lunch and take them when it’s convenient for you. You don’t have to use those old school, daily pill sorters; leave them to their main hustle: gathering dust.

    #8: Buddy Grows With You

    Your Buddy custom vitamin subscription can be altered at any time. If you decide to go vegetarian, we’ll tailor your shot. If you start getting more exercise, well, we’re on it. If you switch from bankers’ hours to the graveyard shift, we’ll get you some caffeine, stat! Should you decide to get pregnant, rest assured we’ll take care of you both.

    #9: No Empty Bottle Surprises

    No more late-night rendezvous with the good folks at your local vitamin stores. Having a buddy means never running out, and you already know how crucial consistency is to leading a healthy life.

    #10: Safe Vitamins Are What You Want

    Our vitamins are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility. Plus, we only use ingredients that meet our rigorous tests for safety and quality. Buddy vitamins are a functional food, so your body starts absorbing immediately. Functional foods are great because they boost your health in ways that surpass their regular nutritional value.

    Give Buddy a Try, and Find Out Why Our Wellness Shots Are Better Than Vitamins

    Take our quiz so that we can get to know you, and then we’ll create the perfect all-in-one Buddy Shot to complement your lifestyle.