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  • Why Dr. Lonna Larsh Love's Buddy Nutrition's Personalized Vitamin Shots

  • Meet the Buddy experts: Dr. Lonna Larsh, MD

    Whether you’re a nutrition obsessive or novice, at Buddy Nutrition we’re on a mission to keep you at the top of your game every day with our personalized Buddy Shots, fortified with vitamins. Wondering how we’ve developed the perfect formula? We’ve teamed up with nutrition and medical experts to ensure we are on hand to help with whatever nutrition needs you may have. We got to know you, now we want you to meet them.

    Introducing Dr. Lonna Larsh, a family physician with a unique approach to personalized medicine. From her practice in California, she works with patients to beat medical conditions with intense programs of care that are all inclusive, with testing, supplements, homeopathy, acupuncture, and a wellness curriculum.

    I love working with people to get to the root causes of their medical conditions and helping them to achieve their best possible health.

    Can you tell us about yourself?

    Mostly I’m a wife to my wonderful husband of 28 years, mother to two daughters and 2 dogs, a cat, 7 chickens, and a canary. Second, I am a Family Physician/Functional Medicine doctor and small business owner of Roots for Health.

    How & why did you get into medicine?

    I was fascinated by the workings of the body. My two personal medical issues have been migraine headaches since I was a young teenager and a constant struggle to maintain a healthy weight and fitness level. These issues stoked my desire to learn and to get myself optimally healthy so I could share my journey with others.

    I worked for a large multi-specialty group practice for over 13 years then left and opened my “micro practice” 12 years ago to be able to do a more integrative and personal style of care. I began training with the Institute of Functional Medicine and became certified with them last year while maintaining my Board Certification in Family Medicine. I love working with people to get to the root causes of their conditions and helping them to achieve their best possible health.

    What area do you specialize in?

    I like to say that as a family physician I specialize in YOU. I am a generalist. I like learning about how everything works together.  I like working with people with all medical conditions from autoimmunity, gut issues, energy problems, hormone issues and more.

    Can you tell us about functional medicine and its principles?

    Functional Medicine looks for root causes.  Instead of slapping a diagnosis and then a drug (or two) on people, we seek to find out WHY they are having these medical symptoms. The Institute of Functional Medicine breaks down health issues into several categories: Assimilation (digestion), Defense and Repair (the immune system), Biotransformation/Elimination (detoxification), Transport (the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems), Communication (hormones and neurotransmitters), and Structural integrity (from cell membranes to the structure of the skeleton). We figure out where the imbalances began and where they are now by looking at a person’s entire life history, do appropriate testing, then come up with a plan to “fix” all the areas that aren’t working properly.  It’s a fascinating journey peeling back the layers of function and dysfunction to rebuild proper function within and between organ systems.

    Why supplement or consume fortified foods? Do you have any advice?

    My first choice for getting optimal nutrition is always food. However, I recommend dietary supplements or fortified foods because our food is not as nutritious as it once was because our soil, air, and water are so often lacking. In addition, so many of us have medical conditions - arthritis, migraines, digestion problems, blood sugar problems, menstrual and fertility issues and there are specific supplements in fortified foods that can help with various conditions. Buddy Shots are great as they are personalized vitamins for your own needs and can give your body what it wants.

    Why Buddy?

    I am interested in Buddy Nutrition because I think most of us can improve our health by leaps and bounds by eating better. With our busy modern lives this is hard to do, so supplements, personalized vitamins and Buddy Shots can lend a helping hand. I love the idea of people getting friendly advice from a knowledgeable friend, a buddy to help lead the way.

    What do you like to do when you're not working?

    I mostly hang out with my family and my animals.  I like to snow ski in the winter and to walk by the coast near my home.

    Guilty pleasure?

    Dark chocolate and wine.

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